Flowers in a box

The ultimate gift for flower-lovers !

Offering flowers is an ancient tradition, but Annick Van Wesemael adds a very up-to-date accent with her ‘Flowers in a box’! Beautiful flowers are a luxury product ; therefore Annick would love these jewels to get delivered at the customer’s place in perfect condition!

With the original Annick Van Wesemael flower box, developed by Annick and available in three different sizes, you’ll be  sure your bouquet will be delivered in optimal circumstances. ‘Flowers in a box’ is not merely practical, it also offers aesthetic added value to the bouquet.

A quick overview :

-          A nice way of presenting, an original alternative vase that perfectly suits the bouquet

-          A unique whole, signed by Annick Van Wesemael

-          The skilfully cut flowers are protected in the best way possible using the correct amount of flower food

-          Foam wrap around the binding point, excellent for transportation

-          The perfect gift for the host lady, who does not have to bother searching for a suitable vase

-          Ready to go and enjoy the flowers

-          Exquisite colour combinations or as requested

-          Ideal for receptions, weddings, visits to hospital … Just about any occasion